Benjamin Davies

Davies' Harmony of The Gospels (KJV)

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  • Davies' Harmony of The Gospels (KJV)
  • Davies' Harmony of The Gospels (KJV)


Harmony of the Gospels is a vital tool for studying, preaching, and teaching the life of Christ and related events from the four Gospels. A hallmark of thoruogh scholarship, this complete English edition is based on The Harmony of the Gospels in Greek by Edward Robinson.

Every page includes explanatory notes and references to parallel and illustrative passages. A convenient synopsis of the harmony is featured on the first pages of this volume.

The appendix section discusses special topics of interest from the four Gospels: the time of Jesus' birth; the genealogy; Christ's second passover; the Sermon n the Mount; the date of the Last Supper; and chronological questions concerning the resurrection narratives.

Paperback, 184 pages

4Gospel Publishing, 2023 reprint

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