Cathy Burns

Hidden Secrets of Masonry

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  • Hidden Secrets of Masonry
  • Hidden Secrets of Masonry


Freemasonry brags that it is a "system of morality, VEILED in allegory and illustrated by symbols."

- Why do the secrets of Masonry need to be veiled?

- What are some of the symbols used in Masonry and what do they REALLY represent?

- Is Masonry a religious organization?

- Who is the TRUE god of Masonry?

- Can a person be a Bible-Believing Christian and a knowledgeable Mason at the same time?

This well documented book reveals Masonry's concealed secrets - secrets that are disguised, deceitful and devious, yet hidden from most Blue Lodge Masons.


1990 release, Sharing

80 pages, Pamphlet

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