Cathy Burns

Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?

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In this most fascinating and extremely-well documented book, you will discover some little known facts about one of the most well-known men of the 20th century - Billy Graham - as well as several of his influential and powerful friends. This adventure will take us inside Graham's tent meetings and crusades, his visits to other countries, and his friendship with many Presidents and national leaders.

While Graham has been a beacon of hope in spiritually turbulent times and the source of comfort and solace to many in times of tragedy, we find that others have questioned his connection with the National and World Council of Churches, as well as the ecumenical movement.

Using many of his own quotes, you will be able to find out about the other side of Billy Graham and find out about some things that have taken place "behind the scenes." This is your opportunity to take a look at this unusual man.


Copyright 2006, paperback, 788 pages.

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